Speaker Video Preview

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is more than just hearsay - it's tried and true. Here at the AAP, we're taking it up a notch. While only 20% of people will read the content on a website, about 80% of people will watch a one-minute video.

As one of our ISPRM 2020 presenters, we want to ensure your research and expertise gets the attention it deserves. But we need your help! We’re requesting that each speaker (that includes you!) create a 60-second video highlighting the content you'll discuss. The video can be done easily and quickly on your cell phone or computer. This is your opportunity to showcase your personality and presentation. We'll use this to attract attendees to your educational session.

Your 60-second video should include:

  • A very brief intro about your expertise and experience
  • A brief overview (feel free to include a teaser!) of your topic
  • One sentence on why you chose to present at ISPRM 2020

Video Guidelines

  • Length: 60 seconds or less
  • Content: Who you are, what your presentation is about, one sentence on why ISPRM 2020
  • Avoid: Saying the date, time and location of your session (this could possibly change)
  • All About You: Showcase your expertise, personality and/or humor!
  • Deadline: November 2019
  • How to Send: Email your video to Jackie Dilworth

Tips for Creating a Video Preview

Here is a quick video tutorial to help you get started!

Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Make sure that you have an appropriate background that is not distracting.

Floating Head Syndrome: Beware of having the camera too close to you - it can cause your head to appear to be floating. Make sure that your shoulders and chest are also showing in your video.

Noise Control: Speak as if you normally would (and make sure you're in a quiet place if filming on a cell phone!).

Tick Tick Click: Try to find a quiet place where there are no constant clicks or ticks. You microphone will pick this up and it will distract your listeners.

Show Your Personality: Make your video memorable by putting your own personal flare on what you say and how you say it. That’s the beauty of creating a video message.

Prepare, Practice, and Then Go Off-Script: Reading from a piece of paper will take away from the perception of the great presenter that you are. Prepare what you are going to say, practice it out-loud, and then speak excitedly, knowledgeably and confidently about your presentation without a script in hand.

Promotional Toolbox

Once you have created a video, the possibilities of sharing it are endless. Listed below are places that you can share your video. We'll be sure to use all of these platforms on our end too! When you post, tag the AAP and we will share it.

  • Tweet about it on Twitter using #ISPRM2020
  • Post it to Facebook
  • Start a conversation about it on LinkedIn
  • Email it to colleagues