Presentation & Publications

Poster Presentations will be featured in the poster gallery, an exhibit providing a forum for a one on one, in-depth discussion using narrative and visual material to display and communicate the objectives, methods, results, and conclusions of a specific study. Use of visual material (such as photographs, charts, and diagrams) is very important. The Presenting Author, as the resource person or consultant, should be present at specified times on the days of presentation to engage in discussion with interested individuals.

Scientific Paper Presentations, or oral presentations, are intended to convey the nature of high-quality research practice to the meeting participants. These paper presentations will allow researchers to present their theoretical perspectives, the process by which they developed their research questions, the methodology and statistical analysis in detail, and to allow audience members to participate in interactive discussion. Papers for this session should be experimental in nature, and will be chosen not only for their intrinsic scientific merit, but also for their educational value in illustrating the research process.

Publication of the accepted abstracts presented at ISPRM 2020 will be published as an online supplement of the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and the Journal of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. Failure to comply with the submission policies and procedures will result in the abstract being withdrawn from the meeting and the Journal.

Abstract Content

The AAP and ISPRM encourage submissions that address these topics of interest.

Case Report Abstracts must be structured in the following four categories: Case Diagnosis, Case Description, Discussion, and Conclusions.

Research Study & Scientific Paper Abstracts must be structured to summarize the research objectives, design, results, and conclusions. Objectives should contain the background and purpose of the study. Design section should explain key methods, procedures, interventions, and any controls in the study - allowing the reader to infer limitations of the data. Abstracts containing statements such as ‘data to be presented’ or ‘the significance of the findings will be discussed’ are not acceptable. Conclusions should explain the meaning and importance of the results, and perhaps state any new questions identified.

  • Case Reports and Research Studies will be presented as posters. Scientific Papers will be oral presentations.
  • Text in research study and case report abstracts must be limited to 300 words (text over 300 words will be disqualified). Scientific paper abstracts will include a 300-word and 1,000-word version of the same abstract in a single submission.
  • Titles and section headings are not included in the 300-word count. Each of the four sections may include a maximum of 150 words.
  • All abstract text, including titles, must be submitted in English.
  • References, Tables, and Figures may not be included in the abstract submission but may be included in the presentation.
  • The AAP accepts original research abstracts that have been presented at other medical and scientific meetings. Resubmissions will be evaluated on criteria relevant to the educational objectives of the AAP's Annual Meeting.
  • Do not include identifying author information or mention of any location or institution within the abstract text.

Submission Policies & Procedures

  • Abstracts should NOT be submitted as both Research Study and Scientific Paper. If a Scientific Paper abstract is not accepted for oral presentation, it will automatically be considered for poster presentation.
  • The final submitted abstract is the version that will be printed in the journal supplements. ALL edits to the abstract content must be made prior to final submission.
  • Presenting authors are limited to two (2) posters. They may be listed as co-authors on additional posters.
  • An automatic e-mail confirmation will be sent to the submitting author and all co-authors when the submission process has been completed.
  • Faxes and emails containing abstracts and award papers will not be considered.

The submitting author will:

  • Register online via and complete all of the tasks by September 19, 2019.
  • Input the names and emails of all co-authors (click on each co-author’s name to fill in additional information).
  • Prompt co-authors to confirm their contact info by clicking on the "Invite" button below their names.
  • Enter the abstract content.
  • Identify the Presenting Author during the online submission process.

Co-authors will:

  • Click the link in the confirmation email to enter or confirm contact information and view necessary forms.

Review Process

Abstracts prepared according to the instructions and received by the AAP by 11:59pm EST on September 19, 2019 via online submission at, will be independently peer-reviewed on a ‘blind evaluation’ basis. Only the abstract will be available to the reviewers for evaluation to determine merit for presentation.

The criteria for reviewing abstracts include: scientific merit, relevance, originality, and clarity. Evidence of completion of the project (i.e. specific results data) should be included in the abstract. The educational value and extent to which significant information is presented will be considered. Professional and academic writing, spelling, and grammar will be considered in the judging process.

All authors will receive electronic notification (via email) indicating acceptance or rejection of the abstract(s) submitted in November 2019. No phone calls please. Following notification of acceptance, all authors will have one week to complete all author information and disclosures.

Statements made in presentations are the sole responsibility of the authors. Any statement made should not be viewed as, or representative of, any formal stance or position taken on any product, subject, or issue by ISPRM or the AAP.

Dates to Know

  • All submissions must be received via online submission by September 19, 2019 at 11:59pm EST. Late submissions will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  • The AAP's office closes at 4:30pm EST on September 19, 2019. Staff will be unavailable to answer your questions about submission after this time, so please plan accordingly.
  • All authors will receive an acceptance/rejection email in November 2019.
  • One author on each abstract must be identified as the ‘Presenting Author’ during the online submission process and must be available to present on the day assigned. No requests for specific days can be honored.