Poster & Scientific Paper Presentations


Congratulations on being selected to present your poster or paper at ISPRM 2020, the joint AAP Annual Meeting and ISPRM World Congress!

Your poster will be on display in the Poster Hall for one day and viewed by more than 3,000 PM&R peers and leaders. The following guidelines and suggestions will ensure that your work is presented in the most rewarding and effective manner.

Your poster should be a stand-alone, self-explanatory display, allowing viewers to read on their own while you address individual questions. Every board should lend itself to presenting information in a self-explanatory format. Need design guidance? Read this NPR article about a new poster presentation format that is drawing a lot of attention. The time spent at a poster is determined by the viewer; an effective poster will have a good balance of easy-to-see figures, graphics and text.

General Information

  • IMPORTANT: The presenting author is the sole point of contact for all abstract co-authors. All communication and inquiries will be sent to the presenting author.
  • The acceptance notification and presentation date/time emails included the presentation format for each accepted abstract.
  • Presenting authors may appoint a co-author listed on the abstract to serve as an alternate presenter.
  • Alternate presenting authors of oral abstract sessions must be listed as co-authors on the abstract and must identify themselves to the moderator before the start of the session.

Scientific Paper Presenter Information

  • Scientific paper presentations will be 10-minute podium presentations.
  • The presenter will have 8 minutes to present their work and 2 minutes for discussion.
  • Presenters are required to bring their presentation in an electronic format to the AAP's Annual Meeting. We respectfully request that all speakers use our branded slides for their presentations. Please use this link to download the slides.
  • All slides will be checked for adherence to ACCME policies by AAP staff prior to uploading the presentation.
  • Slide #1 must be your title slide and Slide #2 must be your disclosure slide. Your disclosure statement should list all commercial relationships relevant to your specific talk. Disclosures must never include the use of a trade name or a product-group message.
  • Do not reference any company/product brand names during your presentation. However, institution logos (e.g. non-company/product logos such as universities, non-profit associations and government agencies) are allowed.
  • Abstracts must not contain any advertising, trade names or a product-group message.

Poster Presenter Information

  • All posters will be Half Board Posters, which is 1/2 of a 4 feet high x 8 feet wide display board. **Please Note: You will be sharing the board with another presenter, so your poster cannot be larger than 4’ x 4’.
  • Poster components must be able to fit on the display board without overlap. Thumb tacks are the recommended method of attaching your materials. You are responsible for providing tacks, so please remember to bring all materials you will need to display your work.
  • You may find it useful to have a sketch or note pad available. This can be helpful in facilitating discussion.
  • You are responsible for displaying and staffing your poster during the assigned date and time. Unfortunately, missed or late displays cannot be rescheduled.
  • You are also responsible for and required to take down your poster at the specified time in order for the next round of posters to go up. PLEASE be considerate to your colleagues who are displaying after you and have your poster taken down on time. Posters left after the deadline will be discarded and may disqualify you from submitting in the future.

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