Committee Members

Education Committee

The AAP’s Education Committee develops educational content and professional development material for AAP members and the physiatry community at large.

  • Michael Mallow, MD - Chair
  • Idris Amin, MD
  • Dixie Aragaki, MD
  • John Baratta, MD, MBA
  • Amit Bhargava, MD
  • Leon Chandler, MD
  • Harman Grewal (Medical Student Representative)
  • Kelly Heath, MD
  • Robert Irwin, MD
  • Nitin Jain, MD
  • Nicholas Ketchum, MD
  • Chong Kim, MD
  • Jonathan Kirschner, MD
  • Patrick Kortebein, MD
  • Se Won Lee, MD
  • Adam Lewno, DO
  • Susan McDowell, MD
  • Lisa Pascual, MD
  • Leslie Rydberg, MD
  • Aloysia Schwabe, MD
  • Benjamin Seidel, DO
  • Carol Vandenakker-Albanese, MD
  • Aaron Yang, MD
  • Dayna Yorks, DO (Resident/ Fellow Representative)

Governance Committee

The AAP’s Governance Committee oversees the administrative functioning of the association, including financial positioning, legal documents and policies and procedures.

  • Gwendolyn Sowa, MD, PhD - Chair
  • Venu Akuthota, MD
  • John Chae, MD, ME
  • David Gater, MD
  • Eduardo Lopez, MD
  • Danielle Perret Karimi, MD
  • Tiffany Lau, MD (Resident/ Fellow Representative)
  • Ross Zafonte, DO

Leadership Development & Recognition Committee

The AAP’s Leadership Development & Recognition Committee develops and recognizes leadership within the association by reviewing volunteer applications, filling committee openings and selecting annual award recipients.

  • John Chae, MD, ME - Chair
  • Miguel Escalon, MD
  • Michael Fredericson, MD
  • Nicole Katz (Medical Student Representative)
  • Vu Nguyen, MD
  • Deirdre Rodericks, MD (Resident/ Fellow Representative)
  • Andrew Sherman, MD
  • Stacey Snead-Peterson, MS (Program Coordinator Representative)
  • McCasey Smith, MD
  • Gwendolyn Sowa, MD, PhD
  • William Sullivan, MD
  • Monica Tietsworth, MBA (Admin Director Representative)
  • Chris Visco, MD
  • Lyn Weiss, MD
  • Lisa Wiesenberger (Medical Student Representative)

Membership Committee

The AAP’s Membership Committee strengthens member retention and recruitment through activities such as targeted recruitment efforts, surveys and focus groups and working with other committees to increase member value.

  • Marlis Gonzalez-Fernandez, MD, PhD - Chair
  • Michael Appeadu, MD (Resident/ Fellow Representative)
  • Kelly Crawford, MD
  • Lester Duplechan, MD
  • Alice Hon, MD
  • Sara Huss, MD
  • Soo Yeon Kim, MD
  • Eric Jones (Medical Student Representative)
  • Betty Liu, MD, PhD
  • Mallory Pridy (Program Coordinator Representative)
  • Byron Schneider, MD
  • Eric Stockwell, MD
  • Diane Thompson, MD, MS
  • Steve Tomsic (Admin Director Representative)
  • Sarah Welch, DO
  • Victoria Whitehair, MD
  • Lori Yap, MD

Program Committee

The AAP’s Program Committee develops and plans educational sessions for the AAP’s Annual Meeting.

  • Alex Moroz, MD, MHPE - Chair
  • Mohammad Agha, MD
  • Alan Anschel, MD
  • Kuntal Chowdhary, MD (Resident/ Fellow Representative)
  • Xiaoli Dong, MD
  • Kara Dyer (Program Coordinator Reprentative
  • Lori Grafton, MD
  • Didem Inanoglu, MD
  • Soojin Kim (Medical Student Representative)
  • Mary McDougal (Admin Director Representative)
  • John Metzler, MD
  • Gerardo Miranda-Comas, MD
  • Christian Niedzwecki, DO
  • Shanti Pinto, MD
  • Jared Placeway, DO
  • Reynaldo Rey-Matias, MD
  • Raman Sharma, MD
  • Jeffrey Smith, MD
  • Mark Tornero, MD
  • Peter Yonclas, MD

Public Policy Committee

The AAP’s Public Policy Committee monitors and advocates for the public policy interests of the AAP, research funding and medical and graduate medical education.

  • Felicia Skelton-Dudley, MD, MS - Chair
  • Nethra Ankam, MD
  • Ahish Chitneni (Medical Student Representative)
  • Justin Hata, MD
  • John Melvin, MD
  • Karen Morice, MD
  • Holly Pajor, DO
  • Amy Park, MD (Resident/ Fellow Representative)
  • Danielle Perret Karimi, MD
  • William Evan Rivers, DO
  • Mary Russell, DO
  • Gwendolyn Sowa, MD, PhD
  • Adam Tenforde, MD
  • Richard Wilson, MD, MS
  • Greg Worsowicz, MD

Research Committee

The AAP’s Research Committee supports individuals and organizations interested in research through education, resources and outreach.

  • Sabrina Paganoni, MD, PhD - Chair
  • Thiru Annaswamy, MD
  • Allison Bean, MD, PhD
  • Christina Case (Medical Student Representative)
  • Brad Dicianno, MD
  • Maryam Hosseini, MD (Resident/ Fellow Representative)
  • Prakash Jayabalan, MD
  • Sabrina Paganoni, MD, PhD
  • John-Ross (JR) Rizzo, MD
  • Lumy Sawaki, MD
  • Stacey Suskauer, MD
  • Qing Mei Wang, MD, PhD
  • John Whyte, MD, PhD

CME Committee

The AAP’s CME Committee oversees all CME policies and activities, including ensuring ACCME compliance, originating new policies and participating in ACCME re-accreditation.

  • Michael Mallow, MD - Chair
  • Dixie Aragaki, MD
  • Karen Kowalske, MD
  • Alex Moroz, MD, MHPE