Medical Student Career Advising Program

Presented by the AAP Medical Student Educators Council


This program links faculty advisors with medical students who are interested in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) but who may not have a home institution PM&R department or easy access to academic physiatrists. Students and advisors are paired up geographically and given resources to guide them on their journey through exploration of the field of PM&R to the residency application and interview process.

A number of resources are available for both faculty and students to assist in this process including guidance on experience building, rotation options both within and outside of PM&R, as well as an application timeline and data regarding the qualifications of students applying to PM&R, and an overview of the actual interview process. Faculty advisors will meet regularly with their student advisees, either in person or virtually, to assist with development of their PM&R experiences and applications.

Advising Resources:
>> Advising Timeline for Students Applying into PM&R
>> PM&R Application Guide

Please email Leslie Rydberg, MD if you are interested in being paired with a mentor within Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.