AAP Awards Criteria & Descriptions

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Innovation & Impact in Education Award

The Innovation & Impact in Education Award recognizes an AAP member for outstanding new developments and improvements in education that benefit academic PM&R and the physiatric community. The innovation may:

  • Address a need at the institutional, local or national level
  • Focus on any level of education from medical student through fellowship and early career
  • Target any education-related topic within PM&R, including teaching, research, leadership, management, patient care and more

Projects may focus on, but are not limited to, clinical education, education in administration or education in research methods. Projects must have been started after January 1, 2013. Nominated projects should improve an existing education issue or problem or provide a new solution. Results should be included along with information on how the innovation can be implemented by other institutions.

Distinguished Academician

This award shall be given to an AAP member who has achieved distinction and peer recognition regionally or nationally by virtue of excellence as a teacher, researcher and/or administrator. This award shall be given to no more than one member in any particular year. Those honored as Distinguished Members are not eligible for the award.

Early Career Academician

This award shall honor an academic physiatrist who has demonstrated outstanding performance in the areas of teaching, research and/or administration. The nominee must have an academic rank of associate professor or less and be nominated within 10 years of completing clinical residency or fellowship training or 7 years after the completion of a funded, mentored research award. This award can be given to only one AAP member in any particular year.

Outstanding Service

This honor is given to an AAP member who has made major contributions to the AAP, its membership and the academic PM&R community through participation in an association program, task force or council. The award recognizes exceptional efforts to improve and benefit the specialty of physiatry through significant contributions to programs, initiatives, councils and activities. In addition, the nominee should demonstrate leadership and work to advance the efforts of the AAP. Individuals may be nominated and councils are invited to submit one nominee per year to receive the Outstanding Service Award. More than one award may be presented per year.

Public Service

This award is designed for non-members whose outstanding public service has significantly contributed to the organization or the field. Honorary members or AAP employees are not eligible for this award.

McLean Outstanding Resident/Fellow

This award will be given to a Resident/Fellow member who demonstrates outstanding academic performance in academic leadership, teaching and education, and research. Nominations for the McLean Outstanding Resident/Fellow Award must also include a letter of recommendation from the nominee's Program Director.

Distinguished Member

This award is selected by a unanimous vote of the Awards Committee and by the Board of Trustees. Only one candidate may be nominated per year. This award category of membership is reserved for the most distinguished physiatrist, an individual who is of international status, is recognized as a major contributor to the field by virtue of teaching, research, and scholarly publications and is noted for dedicated service to the AAP. Distinguished members have the right to vote and hold office and have a lifetime exemption from any dues or fees.

Carolyn Braddom Ritzler Research Award

This award is presented to an individual who has conducted research that has had profound impact on the science and/or practice of PM&R. The intent is to look at impact such as changes in clinical care, policy, or research direction. The awardee should preferably be a physiatrist and an Association member. The same individual can win the award only once in a ten-year period. The individual will be presented with a plaque and a monetary award from income from the Braddom endowment. A poster, video, or handout of the research should be made available at the Annual Meeting.