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The American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (AJPM&R)

AJPM&R is the official journal of the Association of Academic Physiatrists (AAP) and is dedicated to providing the physiatry community with the highest quality research and up to date information on the practice, research, and educational aspects of physical medicine and rehabilitation.
Subscription to AJPM&R is a benefit of AAP membership. AAP members receive monthly issues of AJPM&R in all formats – print, digital, and personal devices – plus 100 years of archived content.

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Physiatry Forward, AAP's Member Magazine

The AAP publishes a quarterly magazine written by and for our members. Each issue features content for physiatry professionals in every career stage - from Medical Students to Department Chairs.

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Physiatry In Motion

Physiatry in Motion is a quarterly publication created by the AAP's Resident/ Fellow Council (RFC). Read articles written by in-training physiatrists on education, career development, clinical skills, physiatrist profiles and more.

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The AAP offers a wide range of podcasts to support leading physiatrists and rising stars in their research, education, practice and career growth. See where you can listen, check out what's new or browse all of our AAP series.


Rehab in Review

Created by Emory University and leading PM&R physicians around the nation, Rehab in Review provides concise summaries of current, pertinent articles from 100 distinguished journals. 

Rehab in Review is a surveillance journal whose editors scan periodicals for the best, most current literature important to the practice of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. It is among the top three most-read journals in the specialty.

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