AAP Member Referral Campaign

This August, strengthen your society and specialty by participating in the AAP Member Referral Campaign! A growing AAP means greater prominence for physiatry among the medical community, more resources and support for our members - including you, and a larger network of physiatry professionals that you can tap into as mentors, collaborators and lifelong friends.

Be A Catalyst For Growth

As an active member, you intimately know the role the AAP has had in advancing your career. What's more, you also have a wealth of prospective members at your institution and in your networks. Use your experience and network to help the AAP and academic physiatry grow! We have hot rewards up for grabs to thank you for your support. It's a win-win for everyone! Here are a few resources to help you get started.


Dates, Rewards & How to Get Credit

With each new or reinstated* member you recruit between August 1st and 31st, you will get one entry into a drawing a $500 Visa gift card or Physiatry '19 package (free registration and a hotel night). The more members that join under your referral, the better the chances you have at winning one of our prizes. The top three recruiters will also be recognized in the AAP's weekly e-Brief, newsletter and website. *Reinstatements are defined as memberships that have not been active since 2016 or earlier.

Make sure the individuals that you refer provide your name so that you can get credit. There are two ways to get credit for a referral:

  1. Print copies of the AAP membership application to hand out personally to your colleagues, auto-filling your name in the “Referred by” section.
  2. Ask your referrals to provide your name when they apply for membership online.

Recruitment Tips

Recruiting new members to the AAP is easy. Follow these tips to maximize the likelihood that your peers will join.

  1. Identify the Best Prospects. Review your network and identify those who could benefit most from AAP membership. Start with your home institution or program. Professors, Associate and Assistant Professors, Researchers, Residents and Fellows are all great prospects. We also have a strong cohort for Program Coordinators and Administrative Directors! When you meet new individuals, ask whether or not they are a member of the AAP.
  2. Know the Benefits of Membership. The AAP provides a wealth of valuable resources to its members. The more familiar that you are with these benefits, the better equipped you will be to discuss them. Remember why you first joined and the role the AAP has played as your career has grown.
  3. Give Examples. Provide authentic and tangible examples of how your AAP membership has benefited your career. A personal testimonial from a trusted peer is one of the strongest tools when recruiting members.
  4. Focus on Their Needs. Ask questions about their career goals, sought-after resources, challenges they face, and information they are looking for. Based on their answers, identify and highlight the AAP benefits that will be of greatest value to them.
  5. Close With a Plan of Action. After discussing the value of membership and your experiences with the AAP, share a membership application or the link to join online. Always refer them to the AAP website so that they can get more information if needed.
  6. Follow Up. Check back in a week to inquire about whether they’ve joined and answer any additional questions. If they haven’t joined, this follow-up can serve as a reinforcing reminder.
  7. Thank Them. Send them a short email thanking them for considering AAP membership and supporting research, education and academic development.

Program Rules & Regulations

  • Only active members in good-standing can participate in the Member Referral program.
  • This program is valid for memberships received with payment between August 1, 2018 and August 31, 2018.
  • This program is not valid on recent renewals. Only new and reinstated memberships qualify for credit. Reinstatements are defined as memberships that have not been active since 2016 or earlier.
  • This program is not valid on group renewals.
  • To receive credit for a recruit/referral, the new member must include the referring member’s name on their application or online profile. You will get one entry in our drawing for each member that joins or renews under your referral.
  • The drawing will take place the week of September 3, 2018. The prizes are a $500 Visa gift card or a free registration to Physiatry '19 and a complimentary hotel night at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino.
  • The winner/s will be announced via email and social media the week of September 3, 2018.
  • Prize is non-transferable and may not be exchanged for alternative prizes.
  • Program rules and incentives are subject to change by the AAP.

For questions, resources or additional info, contact:
Jackie Dilworth, Communications & Marketing Manager
(410) 654-1000 or via Email