MedEdPortal Resources for Educators
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Resources for Education

The AAP Education has researched available resources on MedEdPortal focused on faculty development and teaching skills. The Education Committee felt these may be of interest and assistance to AAP members. All of these modules have been peer reviewed prior to being posted on MedEdPortal.

If you find additional resources that you feel would be useful to add to the list, please feel free to add it under the correct category.

To add a resource directly to the site, please make sure you are logged in as an AAP member.  CLICK HERE to log in.  If you are not an AAP member and wish to contribute, please e-mail Amy Schnappinger (

Teaching Skills - Education

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
IQ Team Faculty Training Manual Link  more ] Administration 8/28/2014
Proper Use of Pedagogical Questioning Formats Link  more ] Administration 8/28/2014
Medical Teaching Resources for Faculty Developer Link  more ] Administration 8/28/2014

Teaching Skills - Feedback

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Peer Feedback Tool for Lectures  Link  more ] Administration 8/28/2014

Teaching Skills - General

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Teaching Skills Program for Residents, Part 1 Link  more ] Administration 8/28/2014
Questioning as a Tool in Teaching Link  more ] Administration 8/28/2014
Integrating SNAPPS into outpatient morning report Link  more ] Administration 8/28/2014
How to Formulate a Clinical Question  Link  more ] Administration 8/28/2014
Effective Bedside Clinical Teaching Link  more ] Administration 8/28/2014

Teaching Skills - Teaching Session Design

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Teaching Effective Role-Playing Facilitation Skill Link  more ] Administration 8/28/2014
Designing a Teaching Session Link  more ] Administration 8/28/2014