Medical Student Mentorship


Thank you for your interest in the Resident/Fellow Council (RFC) Mentorship Program! We welcome medical students who range from a budding interest in PM&R to those dedicated to the specialty and who are building their applications for residency. Residents who volunteer to mentor demonstrate their passion for physiatry and the promotion of the specialty’s continued success by attracting strong future residents. Our goal is for this program to be a launching point as you continue to build your medical network.

Sign up to be a mentor or mentee here. Make sure you select "RFC/ Medical Student Mentoring Program" as you register.


Goals of the Program

At the conclusion of the 12-month program, the mentee will be able to:

  • Understand what PM&R is and what the day-to-day life as a physiatrist looks like
  • Define short and long-term PM&R career goals and create a stepwise plan
  • Identify research opportunities in PM&R and how to navigate research experiences
  • Create a plan for PM&R elective/audition rotations, including identifying programs that will support your goals; and prepare for a successful rotation
  • Understand what makes a strong applicant for residency to build an application strategy
  • Establish residency program preferences to aid in selecting residency programs to apply to; after interviewing, generate a rank list that reflects one’s values in residency training
  • Identify resources for successful interviews, including AAMC “Interviewing for Residency Positions” page and Iserson's Getting into a Residency: A Guide for Medical Students; aid in interview preparation through mock interviews

Benefits of Mentorship

For the Mentee:

  • Facilitate your exploration into the field of PM&R and its subspecialties
  • Expand your practical knowledge in preparation for electives/acting internships, residency program exploration, residency applications, and interviews
  • Gain appreciation of PM&R research opportunities and mechanisms to obtain experience
  • Develop personal and professional skills
  • Expand your professional network

For the Mentor:

  • Give professional guidance
  • Further develop strong communication and leadership skills
  • Pay it forward to a medical student following in same specialty path
  • Serve the specialty of physiatry, your academic institution, and the medical and scientific communities in growing future physiatrists
  • Expand your professional network