Partner Societies

The AAP partners with many societies and organizations to drive innovation, foster collaboration, develop joint initiatives and build resources for physiatrists around the world. As the only academic association dedicated to the specialty of physiatry, we're proud to work together with our partners in creating a global community committed to growth.

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The AAP's Partner Societies & Organizations


American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The mission of the ABPMR is to serve the public by improving the quality of patient care in physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R). This is accomplished through a process of certification and maintenance of certification that fosters excellence and encourages continuous learning. ABPMR is a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialties. The AAP shares with ABPMR the CME and MOC credits completed through AAP programs and events.

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Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine

CARM unites and mobilizes science and technology workers in the field of rehabilitation medicine and related fields to promote the growth and improvement of rehabilitation medicine. They conduct academic exchanges at home and abroad and carry out non-governmental international scientific and technological exchanges. The AAP signed an MOU with CARM in December 2017 that will bring greater partnership between American and Chinese physiatrists.

Cochrane Rehabilitation

Cochrane Rehabilitation is aimed to ensure that all rehabilitation professionals can apply Evidence Based Clinical Practice, combining the best available evidence as gathered by high quality Cochrane systematic reviews, with their own clinical expertise and the values of patients. The AAP works with Cochrane Rehabilitation to elevate the specialty of physiatry by disseminating evidence-based information in workshops and sessions at their Annual Meeting, in AAP email newsletters, on social media, and through their medical journal - the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. We were also proud to invite Stefano Negrini, MD, Director of Cochrane Rehabilitation, to give a plenary presentation at our 2018 Annual Meeting and Carlotte Kiekens, MD, Co-Director, to give a plenary presentation at our 2020 Annual Meeting.

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Foundation for PM&R

The Foundation for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation’s mission is to enhance health, function and quality of life for individuals with disability through education and research in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Every year, the Foundation provides approximately $200,000 in research grants and support to build research capacity and advance physiatric care. The AAP receives Foundation funds for some of its programs, hosts the 5K Run/ Walk/ Roll at its Annual Meeting, and assists in raising funds.

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International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

ISPRM serves as the global agency for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM). As a non-governmental organization in relation with the World Health Organization, an international umbrella organization of PRM physicians, and a catalyst for international PRM research, ISPRM has a civil societal, professional, and scientific mandate. The AAP is the U.S.’s only national society member, and is hosting the 2020 Congress in Orlando, FL.

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