PM&R Medical Student Fairs Funding Application

Hosting a PM&R Medical Student Fair at your institution is a great way to introduce medical students to the specialty and provide them with a hands-on look into the world of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

The Association of Academic Physiatrists is able to provide funding to sites interested in presenting a PM&R Medical Student Fair locally based on the following guidelines:

  • A site may request up to $1,000 per year to support their program
  • Funding must be requested at least two months in advance of the event
  • The PM&R Medical Student Fair funding application below must be completed to be considered
  • The requesting site must supply direct or in-kind matching funds in the amount requested to help fund the fair
  • A final report detailing successes, photos and email addresses of attendees is due to the AAP within 30 days following the date of the PM&R Fair
  • The grant will include two AAP Medical Student memberships. These may be used as give-away items at the discretion of the organizers

Your application must include the following:

  1. Complete PM&R Fair Application
  2. PM&R Fair Budget (Excel spreadsheet)
  3. A letter of support from the PM&R Department (may be from the faculty sponsor, Program Director or Department Chair)
For more information, contact Jackie Dilworth, Marketing & Communications Manager, at or 410-654-1000.





Please provide a brief summary of program you plan to present during the PM&R Medical Student Fair.
Please attach a copy of the Excel spreadsheet with your proposed budget. Up to $1,000 may be requested from AAP.
Please include information on any additional funding sources and/or the required matching funds for this program. Include the amount for both pending and received funds.

All grant applicants are required to recruit medical students from medical school in the surrounding area (not just at their own institution). Please provide details on your planned recruitment efforts.
Explain how you will measure the effectiveness of your activities, your criteria for success, and how you plan to follow up with the participants after the Fair to continue to develop their interest in Physiatry.