AJPM&R's Resident-Fellow Section
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All About AJPM&R’s Resident & Fellow Section

The Association of Academic Physiatrists (AAP) is dedicated to developing the careers of future academic physiatrists and this mission extends to its journal, the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (AJPM&R). Many PM&R trainees have limited exposure to the peer-review publication process, which can be intimidating without appropriate guidance and mentorship. As a result, early career physiatrists may avoid pursuing the rigorous research that is needed to advance our field and ensure appropriate, evidence-based medical practice. It may also deter trainees from considering an academic career.

That’s why AJPM&R now features a “Resident & Fellow Section,” a collection of published articles authored by physiatry trainees. Dinesh Kumbhare, MD, PhD serves as the Associate Editor of the section, and five in-training physiatrists (listed below) serve as Section Editors through a national application process. The goals of the Resident & Fellow Section are to introduce trainees to the peer-review process, provide additional educational resources for trainees as well as practicing physiatrists, encourage critical reading of primary literature, and lead residents and fellows to consider pursuing original research studies in the future.

Learn more about the Resident & Fellow Section in the October 2019 Editorial and read the full collection.

How & What to Submit

We encourage all trainees, including medical students, to submit articles to the Resident & Fellow Section. Articles should be prepared by trainees as the primary author(s) under the supervision of an attending physician. The focus of this section is to provide material relevant to PM&R training. Submitted articles will undergo a rigorous peer-review process led by Resident & Fellow Section Editors prior to publication in AJPM&R.

You can expect to see the following categories of articles:

  • Education and training articles describing new resident-led educational programs or quality improvement initiatives to improve the education of trainees or increase exposure of medical students to the field of physiatry.
  • Clinical vignettes leading readers step-by-step through interesting clinical cases designed to enhance clinical reasoning skills and increase knowledge of important diagnoses and management approaches within the field of physiatry.
  • Teaching images or videos that demonstrate examples of observations, techniques or findings important for trainees.
  • Clinical pearls that consist of short cases covering Board-relevant topics encountered by physiatrists. These articles will also provide additional references for the reader to obtain more in-depth knowledge of the material.
  • A blog maintained by the Resident & Fellow Section Editors highlighting important recent research relevant to the clinical practice of physiatry.

Please review the guidelines for authors, submit your content, or contact Dr. Kumbhare with any questions.

We are excited to receive your submissions and look forward to building this unique platform to further enhance PM&R education!

Serve on our 2020 Editorial Board

Applications are now open for RFS Editors! Apply by May, 29, 2020 using the form below.