Ravi Kasi's Path to Leadership
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Ravi Kasi’s Path to Leadership

Ravi Kasi, MD is the Residency Program Director, Facilitator of Rehabilitation Grand Rounds and an Assistant Professor in PM&R at Rush University Medical Center. He also serves as the Vice Chair of the AAP’s Medical Student Educators Council. Discover Ravi’s path to leadership – in his words.

Ravi Kasi HeadshotMy path to medicine started originally with a love of sports. For as long as I can remember, I was obsessed with sports, spending every morning reading the newspapers (yes, kids… back in the day, the newspaper was an actual paper that was delivered to your doorstep!). I was convinced that I would be a world-famous sports medicine doctor, which was my original introduction to PM&R. I was inspired as a medical student by Dr. Terry Nicola’s work in his University of Illinois College of Medicine (UIC) Sports Medicine Clinic. As I entered residency, I was introduced to the world of Disability Advocacy and Brain Injury by my mentor, Dr. James Young.

As I finished residency and entered into academic medicine, I began spending a considerable amount of time working on residency education and medical students who were interested in PM&R. It was through this work that I began to make connections with the AAP and the Medical Student Educators Council (MSEC). I owe a lot to the AAP early in my career having been taught everything I know about being a Residency Director to the education I received via lectures in the yearly Program Director meetings at the Annual Conference.

The MSEC has been amazing in helping expand my network throughout the country. For one, everyone on the council has been incredibly supportive and encouraging with any of my ideas to help cultivate student interest in PM&R. In addition, I learned a lot about how to work with a team of incredibly talented people. The entire experience has strengthened my professional relationships, knowledge of medical student curriculum, and ways to be a better disability advocate.