The PM&R Residency Expansion and Development Initiative (READI) was inspired by the AAP's Research Committee's consultancy experience and aims to assist institutions in creating novel PM&R residency programs or improving the effectiveness of their existing program. The AAP Education Committee, with the support of APEC, created PM&R READI. We hope that PM&R READI will not only increase the number of PM&R residency training positions, but will also improve the quality of training for our specialty.

The program consists of:

  • A two-day evaluation and needs assessment by the leaders of AAP's Education Committee
  • Interviews with CEO, CMO, CQO, physiatrists, neurologists, neurosurgeons and therapy directors from four competing medical centers who have partnered with your institution
  • A follow-up assessment
  • The site visitors meet with key individuals during an on-site visit, and then provide specific recommendations for implementing or improving the PM&R program at the institution

PM&R READI is ready for new partners and adventures. If you are interested in having your residency program evaluated or would like guidance on how to establish a new residency, please contact the AAP via email or by calling 410- 654-1000.

Read the Q&A with READI co-creator, Vu Nguyen, MD, featured in the AAP's newsletter HERE.

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