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Program for Academic Leadership: Alumni
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Program for Academic Leadership Alumni
Deadline to apply for the 2018 PAL Program is August 31, 2017.

PAL Alumni

alex moroz

"As a PAL participant and learner, I found this 3-year experience invaluable and unlike any other professional education program. Not only did I acquire knowledge and skills essential for effective leadership, but the program allowed me to make valuable contribution to my home institution with support of the top physiatric talent in the country. Our department has conducted a year-long faculty development program in the area of teaching and learning which already changed the learning climate, and created a structured research mentorship program for our residents. Neither would be possible without guidance and support I have received through PAL. Additionally, after each program installment I found myself changing the way I approach my work as an educator, an administrator, and a clinician. The program stimulated me to seek education and additional training in the areas where I was lacking- conflict negotiation, business, and finance, to name a few. AAP investment in this program is truly remarkable!"

~ Alex Moroz, MD

pablo celnik

"PAL is just one of the efforts by the AAP to promote excellence in the world of academic physiatry. I would recommend this program to any physiatrist who is a few years after board certification and is interested in pursuing an academic career. Whether the interest lies on the research, teaching or administration side of the academic enterprise, the skills taught, the broad vision and the networking make this program extremely valuable."

~ Pablo A. Celnik, MD

laura lee

"Participating in PAL is a wonderful opportunity to learn about academic departments from a leadership perspective. Exposure to the different functions of an academic department from a variety of chairs, deans, and other leaders in the field has given me new appreciation into the complexities of managing a department: insights I likely would not have attained as a junior faculty member. Also, I'm proud to have been included with a great group of colleagues who were likewise interested in becoming future leaders in academic PM&R. It's fun to network with them and senior academics. I throughly enjoyed and learned so much from my experiences in PAL."

~ Laura W. Lee, MD, MBA

Program for Academic Leadership Participants

  • 2016-18
  • 2015-17
  • 2014-16
  • 2013-15
  • 2012-14
  • 2011-13
  • 2010-12
  • 2009-11
  • 2008-10
  • 2007-09
  • 2002
  • 1999
  • Kevin Carneiro, DO
  • Erika Erlandson, MD
  • Alfred Gellhorn, MD
  • Mary Kim, MD
  • Christian Niedzwecki, DO
  • Sean Smith, MD
  • James Wyss, MD
  • Loren Davidson, MD
  • Sarah Hwang, MD
  • Timothy Hudson, MD
  • Michael Mallow, MD
  • Karen Morice, MD
  • Eric M. Wisotzky, MD
  • Marcia Bockbrader, MD
  • Glendaliz Bosques, MD
  • Keneshia Kirksey, MD
  • David Morgenroth, MD
  • Sayed Wahezi, MD
  • Stacy J. Suskauer, MD
  • Jaspal Ricky Singh, MD
  • Rosanna C. Sabini, DO
  • (Phillip) Troy Henning, DO
  • Rani H. Lindberg, MD
  • Justin C. Hata, MD
  • Amanda L. Harrington, MD
  • Jonathan S. Kirschner, MD
  • Nethra S. Ankam, MD
  • Scott J. Campea, MD
  • James J. Hill, MD
  • Dixie Lynne Aragaki, MD
  • Ajit Pai, MD
  • Christopher J. Visco, MD
  • Jeffrey C. Berliner, DO
  • Percival H. Pangilinan, MD
  • Heather W. Walker, MD
  • Clinton Faulk, MD
  • David J. Kennedy, MD
  • Seema Khurana, MD
  • Marlis Gonzalez-Fernandez, MD, PhD
    Johns Hopkins University
  • Preeti Raghavan, MD
    Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Kevin R. Vincent, MD, PhD
    UF & Shands Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Institute
  • Gianna M. Rodriguez, MD
    University of Michigan Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Vishwa S. Raj, MD
    Carolinas Rehabilitation
  • Alex Moroz, MD 
    New York University
  • William M. Scelza, MD 
    Carolinas Rehabilitation
  • Anjali, MD 
    University of Texas Southwestern
  • Maya Rose Therattil, MD 
    Montefiore Medical Center
  • Cara Camiolo Reddy, MD 
    University of Pittsburgh
  • Michael P. Schaefer, MD 
    MetroHealth Rehabilitation Institute of Ohio
  • Leonid M. Shinchuk, MD 
    Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Gary G. Wang, MD 
    University of Buffalo
  • Eric Altschuler, MD, PhD 
    UMDNJ -New Jersy Medical Center
  • Lisa D. Blakenship, MD 
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Pablo A. Celnik, MD 
    Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Amitabh Jha, MD, MPH
    University of Colorado
  • Patrick Kortebein, MD 
    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • Laura W. Lee, MD, MBA 
    University of Virginia, Dept of PM&R
  • Henry L. Lew, MD, PhD 
    Palo Alto Health Care System
  • Moon Suk Bang, MD 
    UMDNJ -New Jersy Medical Center
  • Kwai-Tung Chan, MD 
    UCDMC, Lawrence J. Ellison Ambulatory 
    Care Center
  • Boqing Chen, MD, PhD 
    University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey
  • Joseph J. Chen, MD 
    University of Iowa
  • Maricarmen Cruz-Jimenz, MD 
    San Juan VA Hospital
  • Sara Jean Cuccurullo, MD 
    JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute
  • Timothy R. Dillingham 
    Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Clifford Everett, MD 
    University of Rochester
  • Sonia Williams, MD 
    University of Arkansas
  • Mark Winemiller, MD 
    Mayo Clinic
  • Weibin Yang, MD 
    University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Vu Q.C. Nguyen, MD 
    Charlotte Institute of Rehabilitation
  • Stacy McCarty, MD 
    Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
  • Robert Mehrberg, MD 
    Eastern Virginia Medical School
  • Jeffry Pirosky, MD
  • Michael Saulino, MD, PhD 
    Magee Rehabilitation Hospital 
  • Henry Tong, MD 
    University of Michigan
  • Joseph Webster 
    University of Utah
  • David Gater, Jr., MD, PhD 
    Unversity of Michigan College of Medicine
  • Susan Garstang, MD 
    University of Michigan College of Medicine
  • Jeffery S. Johns, MD 
    Charlotte Institute of Rehabilitation
  • Henry L. Lew, MD, PhD 
    Palo Alto Health Care System
  • Agnes S. Wallbom, MD 
    Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
  • Andrea L. Cheville, MD 
  • Charles E. Levy, MD 
  • Malcom Randall VAMC
  • Robert C. Mipro, MD 
    Louisana State University Medical Center
  • Samuel P. Grissom, MD 
    Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation
  • Leighton Chan, MD 
    University of Washington
  • Lisa S. Krivickas, MD 
    Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
  • Steven C. Kirshblum, MD 
    Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation
  • Thomas D. Rizzo, MD 
    Mayo Clinic Jacksonville
  • Thomas K. Watanabe, MD 
    University of Cincinnati
  • Matthew N. Bartels, MD, MPH 
    Columbia University
  • Ian Maitin, MD, MBA 
    Temple University
  • Peter A. Lim, MD 
    Singapore General Hospital
  • Peter C. Esselman, MD 
    Harborview Medical Center
  • Ralph M. Buschbacher, MD 
    Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Christopher Jay Garrison, MD 
    Baylor University Medical Center
  • Cynthia L. Flick, MD 
    Bon Secours DePaul Medical
  • Darryl L. Kaelin
  • Stephen D. Bagg, MD 
    St. Mary's of the Lake Hospital
  • Samuel P. Grissom, MD 
    Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation
  • Lisa-Ann Wuermser, MD 
    University of Texas/Southwestern Medical Center
  • Mary Ann Myers, MD 
    Medical College of Ohio at Toledo
  • Todd P. Stitik, MD 
    Doctors Office Center
  • Michael Boninger, MD 
    University of Pittsburgh Medical Center


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