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How can we possibly depict visually the many things we love about our specialty of physiatry, and about what it means to be an academic?

Our training and experiences allow us all to grow in our roles as physicians.  But what makes AAP members really special, what makes us leaders, is that we don’t stop there.  We come full circle to help others grow and to strengthen our specialty.  We educate and mentor the next generation of physiatrists.  We research and make the discoveries that help our patients and justify our practices.

AAP’s visual identity represents this circle of growth.

  • The shapes creating a circle speak to growth and circling back to help others grow. 
  • The open arm human symbol adds sense of welcome and a connected feeling, how one person is part of the team and affects/mentors/cares for others - the physiatric model - and also speaks to patient care.
  • Circle shape is also symbolism for the 'whole' - a physiatric concept of treating the whole person, not just a condition
  • The crescents create movement/activity and represent AAP's three areas of focus - mentorship, discovery, leadership - overlapping and integrating with each other
  • The deep blue color palette reflects pride for our 'blue journal'
  • Adding gold integrates achievement / triumph and the gold academic' standard.  Gold also bring warmth and welcome to the logo.

No matter what stage you are in your journey – from medical students and residents, to the highly respected and well established leaders of our field – thank you for being a part of our circle.


Christopher J. Visco, MD

Emerald Lin, MD

Kentaro Onishi, DO

Prakash Jayabalan, MD

Ami Mac, MD

2014 AAP Board of Trustees





Michael Kryger, MD

Stephen Hampton, MD

Theresa Lie-Nemeth, MD

Marlis Gonzalez Fernandez, MD

Geoffrey Hall, MBA