International Physiatry '19 Attendees


Procedure to request an official 'invitation' letter for visa application

International attendees may need a letter of “invitation” in order to obtain a visa to Visit the United States. AAP strongly advises to start the visa application process as early as possible.

If you require a letter of invitation, please register and pay for the conference. Once the payment has been received, your letter request will be made.

All letters of invitation are generic in nature and will be signed and sent via secure PDF format that can be printed out by the requester. No mailed (postal) letters of invitation will be sent.

Kindly note: The AAP will not be able to contact or intervene with Embassy or Consulate offices on your behalf.


As part of security procedures, many applications for visas are sent to the U.S. State Department for security review. Because of the number of visas being processed and thorough reviews, this can take as long as 8 weeks, especially for countries that are on the State Sponsors of Terrorism List.

It is the traveler’s responsibility to check and confirm current visa requirements to enter the United States. To see if you require a visa, please visit Travel without a Visa. The AAP cannot be held responsible for travelers that do not confirm their visa requirements or obtain the appropriate paperwork for travel to the conference. For additional information on traveling to the United States, consult these websites: