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Alphabetical listing of Mentors



Michael Andary, MD (Michigan)
Michigan State University
Phone: (517) 719-8898
27 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Pain, Electrodiagnosis, Residency Program Director
Programs: Academic/Educator

Dixie Lynne Aragaki, MD (California)
PM&R Residency Program Director/Associate Clinical Professor
UCLA/VA Greater L.A. Health Care System
Phone: (310) 478-3711 x49595
10 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Program Director for 25 Residents across a large multicampus program in Greater Los Angeles area. Medical Student interest group mentor to UCLA and USC. Musculoskeletal curriculum instructor for 1st year medical students at UCLA. Academic interests in maintaining/expanding PM&R curriculum for residency and pain medicine fellowship training programs. Special clinical interests in geriatric rehab, cancer/cardiopulmonary rehab, outpatient musculoskeletal, inpatient consultations, electrodiagnostics, and wheelchair/prosthetics/gait analysis.
Programs: Academic/Educator, Administrator

Karen Barr, MD (Washington)
Residency Program Director
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Washington
Phone: (206) 616-3647
18 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Current residency program director, University of Washington could provide mentoring on residency education/ program development. Special interests: promoting faculty wellness and burn out prevention leadership skills training, conflict management, and giving feedback. clinical expertise is in Electrodiagnostics
Programs: Academic/Educator

David Berbrayer, MD (Ontario)
Head, Division of Physiatry
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto
Phone: (416) 480-4069
25+ years experience
Specialties/Interests: Amputee, Chronic Pain, Pediatrics, Spinal cord, General trauma
Programs: Day in the Life, Academic/Educator, Research, Administrator

Glendaliz Bosques, MD (Texas)
Assistant Professor
University of Texas - Health Science Center at Houston
6 years experience
Specialties/Interest: Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine, interested in pediatric conditions such as spinal cord injuries, other paralytic disorders (brachial plexus injury, spina bifida, etc), limb differences and amputations, spasticity and brain injury.
Thoughts on being a mentor: I enjoy establishing relationships and being open about successes and challenges through training and my career. I enjoy learning from younger trainees, cultivating talent, developing collaborative endeavours, etc. Being a female, I also enjoy talking about work-life issues.
Expectations for mentor/mentee relationship: Establish and keep contact, ~2-3 contacts per yr. Keep the content of discussions within the mentoring relationship confidential. Help find resources to receive objective evaluations and feedback on performance, if necessary.
Programs: Academic/Educator

Gregory Carter, MD (Washington)
Medical Director
St. Luke's Rehab Center
Phone: (509) 768-1272
25 years experience
Specialties/Experience: Neuromuscular disease
Programs: Research

Alexander Dromerick, MD (Washington, DC)
Chair of Rehabilitation Medicine
National Rehabilitation Hospital/Georgetown University
Phone: (202) 877-1946
21 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Stroke, TBI, UE amputation, neuroplasticity
Programs: Research

Gerard E. Francisco, MD (Texas)
Professor and Chair
University of Texas-Houston
Phone: (713) 797-5246
18 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Department administration, Medical Leadership in hospital organization, Leadership in national academic organizations, Clinical - Spasticity; TBI; Stroke; Robotics; Neuromodulation and Neural Interfaces
Programs: Day in the Life, Academic/Educator, Administrator

Susan Garstang, MD (New Jersey)
Associate Chief of Staff for Education, Associate Residency Director
Rutgers - New Jersey Medical School
Phone: (973) 395-7025
16 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Spinal Cord Injury Medicine, Spasticity management, Outpatient general PM&R, Geriatrics
Programs: Day in the Life, Academic/Educator

Marlis Gonzalez-Fernandez, MD, PhD (Maryland)
Assistant Professor, Medical Director Outpatient Clinics
Johns Hopkins University
Phone: (443) 416-5757
10 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Clinical: Prosthetics and Orthotics, Neurorehabilitation, Spasticity Management Research: Communication and Swallowing disorders after stroke (Behavior/Brain relationships), Pain measurement. Academic: Medical Information technology, Physiatry clinical management
Programs: Day in the Life, Academic/Educator, Research

Geoffrey Hall (New York)
Department Administrator
Rusk Rehabilitation
Phone: (347) 642-2369
6 years experience in PM&R (15 years in Healthcare Administration

Specialties, interests:
Physician compensation and contracting; Bundled payments; Physician practice management; Budgets/Finance; Human Resources; Strategic Planning; Marketing; Ambulatory Business Development; Fundraising; Program Development
Programs: Administrator

Daniel Herman, MD, PhD (Florida)
Assistant Professor
University of Florida College of Medicine
Phone: (352) 273-7355
1 year experience
Specialties/Interests: Clinical: Non-op MSK, Sports Medicine, Concussion Management, EMG Research: Biomechanics of Human Motion and Injury including Running, ACL Injury, and Concussion; Effect of Neurocognition on MSK Injury Risk
Programs: Day in the Life, Research

Matthew Huish (Utah)
Administrative Director
University of Utah
(801) 581-2552
30 years experience

Specialties, interests:
Health care transformation,  Continuous Quality Improvement Innovation
Programs: Administrator

Edward A. Hurvitz, MD (Michigan)
Professor and Chair
University of Michigan
Phone: (734) 936-8178
26 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Pediatric Rehabilitation, Academic Department Chair
Programs: Academic/Educator, Research

Mendel Kupfer, MD, FAAPMR (Pennsylvania)
Director of Resident Recruitment
Thomas Jefferson University
Phone: (215) 435-2500
8 years experience
Specialties/Interests: SCI, neuro rehab, medical rehab, spasticity
Programs: Day in the Life, Academic/Educator

Jacob Lee, DO (Georgia)
Emory University
Phone: (951) 897-9363
1 year experience
Specialties/Interests: Neuromodulation, Chronic pain, Neuropathic pain, Tendonopathy, PRP, Stem cells, Spine pain
Programs: Day in the Life, Academic/Educator

Henry Lew, MD, PhD (Virginia and Hawaii)
Tenured Professor, University of Hawaii School of Medicine;
Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, PM&R Dept.
Phone: (808) 692-1580
20 year experience
Specialties/Interests: Traumatic Brain Injury, Evidence-Based Practice in PM&R, Speech and Hearing Science
Thoughts on being a mentor: I enjoy helping people achieve success.
Expectations for mentor/mentee relationship: Answer emails within 2 hours.
Programs: Research

Emerald Lin, MD (New York)
Assistant Attending Physiatrist, Hospital for Special Surgery
3 years experience
Specialties/Experience: TBI- from severe to mild, concussions- sports and blast injury, spasticity management- botulinum toxin injections, ITB pumps, med managment; headache management- botulinum toxin injections, advocacy- field and patient, patient education, some msk, ultrasound
Programs: Day in the Life. Academic Educator

James McDeavitt, MD (Texas)
Professor and Chair
Baylor College of Medicine-Houston
Phone:(713) 798-4495
22 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Practice administration, leadership development, business development, academic administration, negotiation
Programs: Day in the Life, Administrator

William McKinley, MD (Virginia)
Professor, Residency Program Direcotr
Virginia Commonwealth University
Phone: (804) 828-4233
25 years experience
Specialties/Interests: SCI, EMG
Programs: Day in the Life, Academic/Educator

David Morgenroth, MD (Washington)
Assistant Professor
University of Washington
9 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Amputee rehab, prosthetics, gait analysis and biomechanics, osteoarthritis rehab, medical education
Thoughts on being a mentor: A good mentor can help a mentee figure out the path through their career that ideally leads to a greater level of satisfaction and happiness while avoiding pitfalls.

Expectations for Mentor/Mentee relationship: I expect a mentee to be proactive, thoughtful and open minded.
Programs: Research, Academic/Educator

Karen Morice, MD (New York)
Attending Physician
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Phone: (917) 650-1390
6 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Spasticity, sports, general physiatry, ultrasound guided-injections
Programs: Day in the Life

Alex Moroz, MD (New York)
Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine
New York University
14 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Musculoskeletal, Sports, Acupuncture
Programs: Academic/Educator

Subhadra Nori, MD (New York)
Regional Director, Department of Rehabilitation Medicinc
Queens Health Network Elmhurst and Queens Hospital Cetners,
34 years experience
Specialties: EMG. MSK US, all areas of out patient Rehabilitation Clinical research in areas related to EMG, And patient safety I have been functioning as an administrative chief of the department for over 20 yrs . I have trained close to 180 residents and received the teacher of the year award 3 times from the Residency training program of Montefiore medical center in NY. Currently I am affiliated with the ICHAN school of Medicine at Mount Sinai in NY and am an active participant of their residency training program. I also oversee the St George student curriculum. I enjoy teaching and mentoring young resident physicians in training and medical students.
Programs: Research, Academic/Educator, Administrator

Mooyeon Oh-Park, MD (New Jersey)
Assistant Director, Stroke Lab, Kessler Foundation, Associate Professor
Rutgers NJ Medical School
18 years experience
Specialties/Experience: Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation, Geriatric Rehabilitation
Programs: Academic/Educator

Ajit Pai, MD (Virginia)
Chief, PM&R
Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center
Phone: (804) 675-5117
6 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Clinical: Veterans Health Administration; Brain Injury Fellowship Program
Thoughts on being a mentor: A mentor is an individual who serves as a guide along a path. This guide should assist an individual with obtaining tools and skills needed to be successful on their own. The guide should also instill a sense of hope and excitement.
Expectations for Mentor/Mentee relationship: I expect the mentor to be available for any question big or small. Also dedicate time to discuss issues during and after working hours. The mentee should be motivated and have some career aspiration although this may change over time as new skills are learned and knowledge gleaned.
Programs: Administrator

Jeffrey B. Palmer, MD (Maryland)
Professor; Departments of PM&R, Otolaryngology, and Functional Anatomy/Evolution
Johns Hopkins University
Phone: (410) 502-2446
31 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Clinical: Neurorehabilitation, Dysphagia rehab; Research: Mastication and swallowing, Biomechanics and kinesiology of the tongue and jaw, Swallowing disorders, Developing your research career in academic physiatry; Administrative: Career development in academic physiatry, Succeeding as a department chair
Programs: Academic/Educator, Research, Administrator

K. Rao Poduri, MD (New York)
Professor and Chair
University of Rochester
Phone: (585) 275-3274
34 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Stroke, SCI and pain management (non interventional); Medical director of an acute inpatient rehab unit, residency program director and Chair elect; Medical rehab council of the AAPM&R
Programs: Day in the Life, Academic/Educator

Antonio Quidgley-Nevares, MD (Virginia)
Association Professor, Chair
Phone: (757) 446-5915
10 years experience
Specialties/Experience: Pain medicine
Programs: Day in the Life. Academic Educator

Vishwa Raj, MD (North Carolina)
Vice Chair Operations/Medical Director
Phone: (704) 355-9330
9 years experience
Specialties/Experience: Cancer rehabilitation; Medical Director; Medical Director for Admissions; Vice-Chair for the Department of PM&R
Thoughts on being a mentor: I appreciate being a mentor to share personal experiences that may help a mentee grow and develop their career. Can also serve as a model of things done both right and wrong for a new attending to hopefully learn from my experiences. It's hard for new academic attendings to find their way, understand the academic, legislative, regulatory, and clinical environments and adapt their practice to meet the needs of their department. I would hope to at least provide the mentee an opportunity to discuss their ideas, thoughts, and help them develop their own framework for academic success.
Expectations for the mentor/mentee relationship: I would hope to be able to build a long standing relationship with the mentee to share experiences, ideas, and thoughts that will help them develop their personal academic career. I would be available for any questions or concerns they may have, and hopefully help them find their own way as they navigate a long term career in academics.
Programs: Day in the Life, Academic/Educator, Administrator

Matthew Shatzer, DO (New York)
Residency Program Director, PM&R
Hofstra North Shore-Long Island Jewish School of Medicine
Phone: (516) 465-8609
11 years experience
Specialties/Experience: 1) Neurorehabilitation 2) Spinal Cord Injury Medicine 3) Musculoskeletal Medicine 4) Residency Program Director
Programs: Day in the Life, Academic/Educator

Adam B. Stein, MD (New York)
Chairman and Professor
Hofstra North Shore-Long Island Jewish School of Medicine
Phone: (516) 465-8729
23 years experience
Specialties/Experience: Spinal Cord Medicine, Medical Education, Departmental Administration
Programs: Academic/Educator

Christopher Visco, MD (New York)
Assistant Professor
Columbia University - New York Presbyterian Hospital
4.5 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Clinical: Musculoskeletal Medicine, Sports Medicine, Spine Care Associate Residency Program Director Fellowship Director, Sports Medicine
Programs: Day in the Life

Sayed Emal Wahezi, MD (New York)
Assistant Director, Program Director
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
5 years experience
Specialties/Interests: Interventional Pain Management: Ultrasound MSK Implantable Devices Percutaneous discectomy minimally invasive lumbar decompression
Programs: Day in the Life, Academic/Educator, Research

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